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    About us
    CEO Message
    Key Company Data
    Subsidiary Company
    Selected Financial Data
    Hanamaru, Inc., is attracting considerable attention in Japan among customers. Udon noodle which we mainly deal in the Japanese traditional way - are more demanded recently among health conscious consumers. Now we challenge to acquire No.1 Customer Satisfaction in the world to provide excellent service including hospitality, product quality, cleanliness, accuracy and speed.

    When Japan’s discerning Udon connoisseurs’which are just about everyone - eat out, they expect, and demand, the “real thing.” For this reason, especially in Kagawa Prefecture the Udon served in restaurants is almost always made on the premises or at a small-scale local factory and delivered fresh each morning. Until recently and unlike many other traditional Japanese dishes, there were no nationwide Udon restaurant chains. When Hideto Maeda, the founder and ex-CEO of Hanamaru, launched his business in 2001, he saw a big opportunity to use modern management and logistics techniques to bring Japan’s most famous Udon variety - Sanuki Udon - from his home area to a much wider audience. As of 1 Apr 2016,the total number of restaurants in the Hanamaru chain was 415 including directly run and franchise outlets serving over 4 millions customers each month. A major part of this success may be attributed to being able to offer authentic Sanuki Udon to consumers in Tokyo and other large cities. The restaurant’s popularity is also enhanced by offering a wide choice of dishes and combinations at reasonable price.

    CEO Message
    Yoshitaka Kadowaki,CEO
    President and CEO Yoshitaka Kadowaki

    "Eating Out is Fun"
    "Delicious taste, only a noodle factory can achieve."
    Hanamaru Udon was founded in May 2000 in Takamatsu, Shikoku, the center of Sanuki Udon production in Japan, and the restaurant chain developed with the goal of “delivering the delicious taste of Sanuki Udon noodles to customers all over Japan”. Udon noodles are made from only wheat flour, salt, and water, and this simplicity is what makes them such a delicate and profound food. There are wide variations in both thickness and texture for Udon noodles such as thick, thin, hard, soft, and with or without chewy texture, throughout areas in Japan, and there are loved by people all over the country.

    When we aim to expand our restaurants all over Japan, our first priority is to provide the uniform taste to customers at all of our locations, and for this reason we were committed to noodle produced by our own factories right from the early stages of our restaurant chain development.
    When making noodles, although the amount of flour and salt can be easily matched, the water used must be what is available in that area. As a result, the differences in water characteristics at each restaurant extremely affect the noodles quality. Technique and experience alone are insufficient for overcoming these differences.
    Even noodles professionals in Shikoku struggle night and day, as the water characteristics and temperature vary depending on the season and time of day regardless of a similar area.

    In addition to numerous initiatives carried out to ensure the consistency of noodles quality at our five domestic factories, we will continue our ongoing research and technical development in a never-ending attempt to getting closer to the water characteristics of Takamatsu, the production area of Sanuki Udon noodles. While keeping the goal of our company’s founder close at heart, we will also strive to never forget the authenticity of Sanuki Udon.

    "Proud to be a Part of People’s Daily Lives"
    Udon noodles are a food eaten despite age and gender, loved by both young and old, men and women.
    Starting as the first foods for baby, as well as meal that many mothers prepare for their children who catch a fever. To people loaded with works and house chores, Udon noodles make a quick and economic meal. There are food to enjoy during family gathering or hanging out with friends. Not to forget, Udon noodles are also consumed by the elderly who in need of caregivers to assist them in daily life.

    Through Udon noodles, we have become a part of the daily lives of the society, and this gives us a sense of pride and driven us for more non-stop contribution.

    With the great flavor of our smooth and silky Udon noodles, we hope to provide a sense of "eating out is fun" through the dining experience at our restaurants in various situation and occasion.
    At Hanamaru Udon, we will continue putting our best effort, bringing modest joy and a little touch of happiness together into each cup of our Udon noodles served to all our customers.

    November 2020
    Hanamaru, Inc.
    Yoshitaka Kadowaki, President and CEO

    Key Company Data
    (As of 1 Apr 2018)
    Name Hanamaru, Inc.
    Established November 22, 2001
    Capital JPY100,000,000
    President and CEO Yoshitaka Kadowaki
    Full-time Employees 482
    (Excluding franchisees and franchise staff)
    Number of Factories 5
    Selected Financial Data
    Restaurants System-wide Sales
    (Millions of JPY)
    Sales Revenue
    (Millions of JPY)
    2019/2 495 32,178 27,959
    2018/2 458 30,610 26,062
    2017/2 415 27,551 22,951
    2016/2 375 25,621 20,701
    2015/2 345 24,025 18,754
    Restaurants and System-wide Sales
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    Company Profile
    About us
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